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Marled by Reunited Clothing
Marled by Reunited Clothing

Marled by Reunited Clothing was founded in 2015 by REUNITED CLOTHING in response to a void in the market for “of the moment” designs offered at a great price point. With their extensive capabilities in design and manufacturing Marled by Reunited Clothing emerged as a promising solution.  The name Marled is derived from the sweater term used to describe the technique of twisting together plies of different colors to create a unique blend and our design philosophy follows this concept of innovation and technique.

Today the brand Marled by Reunited Clothing sits in the contemporary floors of major retailers and continues to gain a loyal customer base that truly appreciates the timely designs but equally the highest quality garment at very compelling price points.  A favorite among both influencers and the everyday woman, the brand appeals to woman of all ages, and therefore there are no boundaries with the endless designs that Marled has to offer. With the perfect balance of seasonal essentials and must have fashion, Marled by Reunited Clothing is the perfect solution to #complete your closet.

Marled by Reunited Clothing gives back “because we can”. At Marled, we know that our loyal and beautiful customer is affected by things beyond her control, and our mission is to help support our customers the way they support us. Learn more about our campaigns and initiatives that we have been so proud to be a part of.


REUNITED CLOTHING was formed with the vision of creating a streamlined hybrid agency model that is design intensive with vertical capabilities. We pride ourselves on providing “best in class” customer service, and the ability to fast track and chase emerging trends. Our goal is to offer the highest level of customer experience while emphasizing design, product innovation, and building long term partnerships with retailers

We have teams in design, merchandising, and production that are dialed in to the DNA of specific clientele. Our range of customers allows us to gather incredible market intelligence to be able to service our customers on the latest developing trends and styles that will elevate their brands with the most current product.

The most exciting part of the trajectory here at Reunited Clothing is our ability to work and build as a cohesive team and family. When you work as “one” it creates such a powerful and successful force that it becomes an incredible environment to work in. This was an important goal for the founding partners when we started the company.  Here’s a little bit more about the 4 partners that make up REUNITED CLOTHING.


Donald Kesselman is our president & CEO with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Donald brings a perspective and an energy to the company that has helped Reunited Clothing become the success that it is.

“What inspires me is being able to build a startup company in today’s competitive environment within the fashion and apparel industry. To have been able to achieve our vendor numbers, relationship and growth would have been viewed as almost impossible and yet we’ve been extremely successful.”

HILDA BATAYNEH- Executive Creative Director

Hilda Batayneh is our executive creative director who oversees design, trend, marketing and new collaborations. During her 15 year career in the industry, Hilda has worked with most major retailers and has been able to successfully forecast and reinterpret the key trends and dial into the DNA of each of the accounts we service at Reunited Clothing.

“What we do here is the real business of fashion, there is a strategic element involved. It’s the wearable and attainable fashion , the real fashion that people end up buying and wearing whether out of necessity or want.  What I love is being able to design for every demographic and every price point.  It’s extremely gratifying and when the customer loves it I feel extremely rewarded in the efforts of myself and the talented creative team that I lead.”

JEFFREY SHERMAN- President of Sales And Production

Jeff’s relationship and experience have helped create an amazing portfolio of accounts that Reunited Clothing services.

“My philosophy has always been to make sure that the customer feels they are the most important thing to us. Not in just words but in actions. I want them to know that whatever it takes we will help to make them successful. Whatever aspect of their business whether, design, cost, delivery and quality we are there to service them at the highest level. At the end of the day I want them to know that their trust in me and my company means everything to me and that we will do everything in our power to come through for them.”

JERRY FINESTONE- President of Global Operations

Jerry’s long term relationships with factories overseas have been critical to the amazing factory and sourcing matrix that Reunited Clothing has built over the past 6 years.

“It’s very rare for a startup company like ours to compete against the world’s largest importers and be successful within a short period of time yet fortunately we’ve been able to accomplish that.”